Sheffield via the back of beyond (and beer)

Earlier in the week I took advantage of the opportunity presented by #DBY2018 of travelling by rail to Sheffield over what are normally freight only lines. I knew that if nothing else, the trip would afford the opportunity to view my local landscape from a perspective rarely available. Also, while in Sheffield, I took the opportunity to reacquaint myself with some of the pubs of the Kelham Island district as it is some time since I last “mooched up there. I passed the time jotting notes as I went, and it is these musing which form the basis of this post.

South Derbyshire from the train

I hope this provides a modicum of entertainment for you, as I certainly enjoyed the day!

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Not The Day I Had Planned — Conclusion

Firstly, my apologies for the dreadful and embarrassing spelling in the title of the last post as it was originally uploaded (and thus will remain forever titled on WordPress’s system and Twitter 😳).

As I begin to think about uploading this, I am not quite home. In fact, I am on board the 20:40 Nottingham — Birmingham, waiting to depart … the very last leg of the week’s odyssey.

Newark Sunset

Turned out nice in the end…

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