Solihull and Hull. Or not.

The Last Day. The last chance to completely change my plans half-way through the day (well, actually about two-thirds of the way, but you get the point). I’m starting to type this while seated on the Up platform at Chesterfield – a town which hadn’t featured in my plans until about an hour ago.

All the photos

All the photos showing the coverage of this trip!

Read on to find out how I got here….

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Plan For Tomorrow

Seeing as I didn’t get round to a Plan For Today, today, (did anyone care?) here is the Plan For Tomorrow…

Cambridge – King’s Cross –  Marylebone –  Birmingham Moor Street  – Birmingham New Street  – Manchester Piccadilly – Hull Impromptu change of plan at Manchester; going to Cleethorpes instead. –  Sheffield – Derby  – Willington

Why Hull? Nope, can’t answer that one. My original draft had me going to Edinburgh on Cross Country from New Street and back to New Street on Virgin Trains – just to finish on maximum mileage. The problem with that was that it got me back to New Street with an eight minute margin for my very last and final train back home. Didn’t fancy either a taxi from Birmingham or emergency accommodation. The above is a very watered-down alternative.

Penultimate Panoply

(No, I’m not sure what that means, either, but I was struggling for a title for today’s missive. So, like any good tabloid editor; when in doubt, alliterate…)

A variation from what has almost become a routine, tonight. Instead of typing on my MacBook, this is being crafted on my iPad, so I’m not sure how it will turn out. Not as many photos to hand, for one thing. In fact, no photos at all. The Flickr page has been updated though, so you’ll work it out. [Added some now…]


I’m typing this in a window seat of the Flying Pig, Cambridge – another great ‘find’ thanks to the GBG, and only quarter of a mile or so from where I’m staying. More about that below the fold….

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Around the houses – again

I can’t imagine anyone has ever travelled between Derby and Yeovil by such a convoluted route as I have managed today, and – either way – I’m very proud. It has been a very enjoyable journey by any measure. This little map from iPhoto showing the geotags of the snaps I’ve taken today give an idea.

iPhoto map

As ever, the gory details follow here…

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Here Goes Part II

A restful, if brief, pit stop at home and I’m back on the move again. I’m entering this on my iPhone in the platform at Willington, so I don’t have the itinerary for today to hand in a pastable format. So, the edited highlights:-

Derby Stoke Milton Keynes Bletchley Bedford St Pancras Waterloo Weymouth Yeovil

Should be fun.