Back in Canberra

I have taken up position in the seating area of Coffee Guru in the Canberra Centre. Good coffee, friendly staff, and within Apple Store WiFi range. Perfect. While I’m back in Canberra, like last time, I don’t propose to blog much. Firstly, I see this as a kind of break from my travels, and secondly, out of respect for the privacy of my generous hosts. I will tell you about Thursday though, not that it will compete as the most riveting read of the whole trip.

First, let me share Wednesday’s excellent meal with you…

Hog's Breath Cafe

Right, back to Thursday…

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That was Hobart

I’m about to leave Tasmania. I have half an hour to pass before checking out of the Fountainside Hotel (which I can’t recommend highly enough – if you’re visiting Hobart, this is the place to stay) and catch the ‘Airporter’ van. I thought I’d take the time to tell you about my leisurely day yesterday.

Sullivan's Cove

It won’t take long…

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“Hobart – The way life should be”

It’s a pretty bold claim, applied to all their street furniture and signage, but I’m certainly not in a position to doubt the good people of Tasmania’s capital. Regular and attentive readers, and I know there are simply droves of you, will realise that there is some catching up to do. The last substantive drivel I wrote was about Sunday, the start of this brief period of being left to my own devices. I think it is fair to say that while I’ve been on my own, the pace of ‘doing things’ has dropped off, but I reckon I’ve found plenty to occupy my time here.

Melbourne across Albert Park Lake

Allow me to tell you about some of it…

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All Aboard… The Spirit of Tasmania

Completing a full house of transportation methods (or at least mainstream ones, can’t see me helicoptering anywhere ), I’m about to board the Spirit of Tasmania I, bound for Devonport, Tasmania. I’m not confident of a strong WiFi signal in the Bass Straight (though I note there’s an “Internet Cafe” – how very 1990s!).

The point being, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow before you’ll get to hear about today – and that’s without worrying about time zones.

We sail at 19:30 Mon and arrive 06:00 Tue.

Waiting to board.

Flying Solo

Carl has gone back to Canberra, some trivial excuse about seeing Deb & the girls and earning a living to support them. I hesitate to call him a lightweight as he’s put up with me for two and a half weeks, almost unbroken, which must count for something! It means, however, I have several days looking after myself now….

St Kilda

Which means there’s not a lot of excitement to report for today…

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