Is it Fate?

…. or just good planning by Carl?

Whichever, and I favour the latter, it turns out that during our road trip around the southeastern corner of Australia, the itinerary Carl has carefully crafted takes in “Good Beer Week” in Melbourne. I’m not sure what to expect from this event but the web site talks of “hardened beer geeks”, which sounds positive. I also have some reservations about the title – isn’t the implication that the remaining 51 weeks are bad beer? – but I’m sure as hell looking forward to it.

Not only that, but I understand that Carl’s erstwhile local, The Wheaty in Adelaide is also having a special event during the period we are there. It may not know it yet, but it will also be hosting my third retirement Do! Carl has spoken in hallowed terms of this establishment for the duration of his residence in Adelaide, and for my part, you’ve got to love a bar with its own iPhone App!

All that separates the two events is 450miles and an eight hour drive on the Great Ocean Road. Sounds like the trip is shaping up beautifully.