The Great State of Texas

In an email last week (which I still haven’t replied to – bear with me Roger) I was asked “ are making quite a big detour to visit Texas. Apart from oil and cows what is there?”. In the planning stage I didn’t see it as a detour, although at that point I didn’t know where I’d be going next – other than I’d eventually end up at Boston. As I type this, I don’t have an answer to Roger’s question. I just know I’d heard enough about Austin to think it would be somewhere worth visiting. And here I am.

Texas Capitol

So far it’s too early to tell if the ‘detour’ was worth it. Anyway, here’s the story of my day…

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Across The Rockies

I got a text last night from Jim Allen, It was around Midnight, but that’s the perils of time zones. In it, having read yesterday’s blog and pictured where I was, he implored me to go through the Rocky Mountain National Park to get to Boulder. As it happened, not only was that my plan, but I’d already logged it with Dropbox for my own reference to prove it. Somewhat out of character for me, I actually stuck to the plan too.

Before the Rocky Mountains, there was the no so small matter of the Arapaho National Wildlife Reserve….

Arapaho Prarie Dogs

Here’s the full story..

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