Last Day – the Full Version

Right, we’re just crossing the coast and heading out over the Atlantic for our 7hr 19min flight back home. After the brief taster I gave you while waiting to board, I’ll try and put a bit more detail about the last day of the trip on record. There won’t be any photos, at least not in the first draft of this page, as I have yet to download them to the laptop.

Here we go…

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Enough Red Lights For a Lifetime!

We are at the airport, all checked-in and waiting for boarding to begin in about half an hour. That won’t be enough time for a full blog entry, which I hope to stay awake long enough in the flight to type.

The day in summary; a quick look at the Atlantic, a few malls, some coffee and an awful lot of sitting in traffic. Hells Teeth it is manic anywhere in a ten mile radius of the airport. Still, we made it.

I’ll sign-off for now with this reminder of the Florida sun as we head back to cold Blighty.

Hollywood North Beach