A Final Fling

The last full day. The big walk is done. What else to do with the last day now that no “rest day” day has been taken. Bernie was determined to do a last walk and had picked a route and Chappers was less inclined to go up another hill, especially as it looked like a lot of it would be in grey, wet, unrelenting cloud … and where’s the fun in that? Especially when there’s a lot of the island still to see that the coast walk hasn’t revealed

Marine DriveLet me share the gory details…

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What? More sights to see?

It has been the last day of the Round-the-Coast, the home leg if you like. I dropped Dave & Bernie off at Port Erin and from there it was up to them to find their own way home while I went off and rode behind a steam locomotive, then did some more sight seeing. Seems reasonable to me?

Here’s one of the sights, and I hope you’ll agree it’s a cracker….  

Nairbyl Head little cottage

As for the rest of the day’s story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then…

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More Scenic Splendour

Wednesday. The days are starting to run out. I think that phrasing it that way is a sign of an enjoyable time?  I’m equally sure all three of us will think of Wednesday as one of the best days of the trip. I understand the walking certainly was, and for me the sight seeing was good too. So much so on both points that they beat me to the pick up point today.

Bernie's Back

Details, details, details….

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Brush With Oblivion!

I’ll get to the drama which inspires the headline in due course. The boys were walking from Laxey to Derbyhaven, almost at the southern tip of the island. Again there is controversy between them as to how far that is, but let’s agree on “about 22 miles”. It was, by all accounts, pretty hard going in places… especially over the last few miles.

Ramsey arrival

As usual, all the details follow…

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