“One of the great wins of the year” – Joe Castiglione WEEI

Good morning. I hope the delay in sharing the events of Saturday with you hasn’t caused too much disappointment for anyone. As I hope to explain, it was another event-filled day and quite a late finish. Well, too late for any coherent diary writing/blogging.

Me at Fenway

The best of my photos (only a few of them!) are now up on Flickr.

This view of me after the game gives an idea of the mood. Allow me to tell all….

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Well, we packed a fair bit into Friday


It’s only 20:00 as I start to type this; but it has been a really full day. If my fancy watch is to be believed, I have walked 12.82 miles today.  Or 24,926 steps, and my feet feel like they can account for each one!

Before I tell you all about it, let me share this nugget of wisdom with you…

Never teach a pig to sing...


The best of the photos from today are now on Flickr.

As ever, the full story of the the day follows….

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