Kid In a Candy Shop

I’d no sooner updated the list of beers drunk, confident in the thought that there’d be nothing new today, than I’ve been proved wrong by this exceptional (and FREE) selection in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Logan. Apparently the manager here is a craft beer enthusiast, and has exercised his power to stock the fridge with a carefully chosen selection…

VS Clubhouse Beer

First, a few words about the (half) day so far…

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Boston Strong

It’s good to be back in Boston. Maybe it’s the familiarity, maybe it’s being so much closer to home, but for whatever reason, I felt much more relaxed today once I got to Boston. Or maybe it’s being in a really good hotel room with a belting view of the cityscape and baseball on the tv?

Boston Cityscape

Or maybe it’s having enjoyed some of the best beers the Cambridge Brewing Company have to offer. You decide….

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