Broken at Broken Hill


Made it into NSW but not quite Eastern time zone. The additional loco put on at Adelaide to assist into the mountains failed on leaving Adelaide and so was dead weight all day. Meaning we’re 90 mins late into Broken Hill. However, given it was scheduled as a two & a half hour stop, we are told we will depart on schedule. Just enough time for yet more nighttime photos of a town (sorry, city) most Brits have never heard of!

The naughty engine is currently being dumped and good ole NR28 will take us on. We’re told another loco will be added at Parkes, so hopefully we’ll be more or less on time in Sydney tomorrow.

Today’s blog will be typed when we resume our journey, so expect to see it tomorrow-ish.


Arrived in Perth


It’s Saturday evening, the shops are closed, including the Apple Store (but their WiFi remains on and is attracting a crowd – including me to post this!). Black Sabbath are in town so the bars are full of middle aged (mostly men) in black T shirts…. Much more later.