Heading East

Hermiston, Oregon serves as my second overnight stop on the road trip. This is about 230 miles as the crow-flies from the Pacific and around 280 miles via the route I took. I got here about four-ish and am spending the late afternoon & early evening exploring the town. This message comes to you courtesy of the town’s rather fine Starbucks.

Wilson River

More about the journey…

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On The Road Again

I’m typing this watching the sun go down over the Pacific. That in itself is a sentence which makes me really happy to be able to type. I’m back on the road, currently at the aptly named Oceanside, Oregon. While I wait for the last few rays, in the hope they will be truly spectacular, I thought I’d make a start on the Blog before I return to my base for the night in Tillamook. Got to be better typing here than in a motel room?

Pacific Sunset

There’s a bit of catching up to do before the story gets here, however…

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