The Virgin Clubhouse: A welcome oasis of calm

This time last week I was in the Cellarmaker having watched the Red Sox at Oakland earlier in the afternoon. That seems so, so long ago now! That aside, I am really pleased to be relaxing in the Clubhouse now. It would be a bit of an exaggeration to say it has been a stressful afternoon, but the closer I got to the airport the louder the call of home!

It hasn’t been a bad day though.

[Photos from today are now on Flickr for your viewing pleasure]

Cute squirell in Sacramento

The details…

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The Road Trip Begins

Greetings from sunny Fort Bragg, California, at the end of a very pleasant day on the road. I’ve not been here very long, just enough time to find a room, check-in and – of course – find a Starbucks. Lots of photos taken along the way, the best of which I will share with you – some here, and some on Flickr in due course. If you’ve looked at the second Wednesday page since this morning you’ll have seen that I’ve added a link to some photos from the day:


Golden Gate from the Marin Headlands

Let me tell you about Thursday, so far….

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Still Wonderful Wednesday

[A selection of photos from today, and the rest of the trip, have been/will be posted on Flickr… ]


This is Part Two of Wednesday’s commentary. I recall that I was quite upbeat about the day when I was typing earlier. I am still just as happy with the day, though right from the outset I have to disclose that this narrative is supported by the ongoing consumption of some fine beer.


 As ever, the details continue here…

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Setting Off

As I’m currently at 40,000 feet over Saskatchewan and about 2½ hours out from San Francisco, I reckon now is a good time to rabbit on a little a journey thus far. One thing I haven’t mentioned in my introduction is that this trip is “cashing-in” many years of Virgin Flying Club points, including a fair chunk amassed by my post-retirement round-the-world jaunt in 2013. Consequently the flight is Upper Class both ways. It is partly the reason for a relatively short stay in the US – I had to fit the availability of Reward Seats around the Red Sox schedule.  The journey down to Heathrow was n First Class too, courtesy of a decent deal on an advance purchase ticket!

Virgin departure


Anyway, the story of the day follows…


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