“One of the great wins of the year” – Joe Castiglione WEEI

Good morning. I hope the delay in sharing the events of Saturday with you hasn’t caused too much disappointment for anyone. As I hope to explain, it was another event-filled day and quite a late finish. Well, too late for any coherent diary writing/blogging.

Me at Fenway

The best of my photos (only a few of them!) are now up on Flickr.

This view of me after the game gives an idea of the mood. Allow me to tell all….

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Top of the World, Ma!

The title refers to the simple fact that today is as far north as I’m going, I am on the return leg now.

This is a slightly different format to how I’ve been posting. You’ll get the text here, pretty much edited from the notes I’ve been making as the day has progressed. The photos will come later, so please check back.

I’m in Portland tonight. A lot of miles covered, a really interesting day, but the Red Sox lost.

[The best of the photos from the day are now up on Flickr]

Welcome to Safeco Field

I’ll put the break in here, the rest follows…

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Still Wonderful Wednesday

[A selection of photos from today, and the rest of the trip, have been/will be posted on Flickr… ]


This is Part Two of Wednesday’s commentary. I recall that I was quite upbeat about the day when I was typing earlier. I am still just as happy with the day, though right from the outset I have to disclose that this narrative is supported by the ongoing consumption of some fine beer.


 As ever, the details continue here…

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