Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday lunchtime, and I am sitting outside Starbucks at 17th & State in Boise. A pleasant little neighbourhood, with leafy suburban houses on one side, and a small plaza, of which SBs is part, on the other. I’d told Siri to find me a Starbucks in Downtown Boise, and this is where he brought me. (“He”, because I’m still using the British English version – which makes pronunciation of some of the directions comical – for example “us one hundred and one” instead of “U. S. One oh One”). By-the-by.

The ride down Idaho Rt 55 was another spectacular drive…

Payette RIver

A few lines about the day so far…

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Mountain Time

Wow, oh Wow! I have seen so many sights today, words cannot begin to describe the highlights. I’m in McCall, Idaho, and had been here a couple of hours before I realised I’d lost an hour crossing into Idaho and Mountain Time. Oh well. A really picturesque town and a wonderful place to spend the night.

Before I get here, however, there’ s a day’s travelling to summarise for you….

Wild Deer


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