Open House

Today’s event was, to a large extent, the entire purpose of this trip. It’s perhaps as well then that we thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again, we didn’t really know what to expect, though we had some thoughts about how it might play out. In the end, whilst there were some parts of the day which didn’t match our hopes, it was far from a disappointment – if that isn’t too much of a contradiction!?

With 520 photos for the day to choose from, I think I will open with this one, and you can read about the day below…

Red Sox Trio

World Series heroes Dustin Pedroia (centre) and Mike Napoli (right), with ‘prospect’ Deven Marrero (left)

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Jet Blue Park

The first day of an American holiday always starts early with the change of time zones and body-clock taking some catching up. Nick was up and about around 6am and went down to the lobby, and I awoke naturally (i.e. long before the alarm) about an hour later. I showered and went down to join him, exploring the Springhill Suites’ breakfast offering, which wasn’t at all bad – no ‘full English’ though.

Though it’s a beautiful sunny day, there is a bit of cloud and a fresh breeze – which we were to be grateful for later.

Hotel room morning view

After breakfast we hit the road. And the road hit back…

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