Back in Canberra

I have taken up position in the seating area of Coffee Guru in the Canberra Centre. Good coffee, friendly staff, and within Apple Store WiFi range. Perfect. While I’m back in Canberra, like last time, I don’t propose to blog much. Firstly, I see this as a kind of break from my travels, and secondly, out of respect for the privacy of my generous hosts. I will tell you about Thursday though, not that it will compete as the most riveting read of the whole trip.

First, let me share Wednesday’s excellent meal with you…

Hog's Breath Cafe

Right, back to Thursday…

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Canberra Miscelleny

The last few days have been spent following my nose and exploring Canberra, courtesy of a MyWay card for the local buses which Carl thoughtfully lent me. There’s a lot to see and I’ve not really scratched the surface. I’ll share a few of the highlights with you, chief among which was the visit to the Wig & Pen with Carl and Debbie.

Wig & Pen

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Catching Up

As I type this, I am in the coffee shop of the Black Mountain Tower  (also known as Telstra Tower, but I feel moved to use its un-sponsored name). Somewhere within the view below, taken from where I sit, Carl and Deb are hard at work, and the girls are getting their education. In other words, I’ve quite rightly been left to it today. True to form, when visiting a new place on this trip, it seemed like a good idea to find the highest point around and take in the view.

View from Black Mountain Tower

Unfortunately, as this photo shows, it’s a pretty naff day weather-wise. In fact, within ten minutes of this shot, the cloud has rolled in and totally obscured the view for now. This still seems like as good as place as any to spend time and catch up a little. The only thing missing is WiFi – which is ironic given the number of telecom aerials above and below me!

Still, it gives me the opportunity to fill in a few gaps which arose during the last few hectic days.

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