Texas Eagle

A little later than normal (resulting in a stressful day on the Exec Corridor of my former employer, I gather) but actually earlier than I’d planned, here are my observations about the journey on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle service from Austin, TX to St. Louis, MO. The good news is everything worked as it should this time, and what little bits I have to groan and grouse about aren’t (generally) of Amtrak’s making. Not that I’ll let that stop me having a chunter though.

Austin Amtrak Station

Here we go…

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Around Austin

Sundays, almost by definition, tend to be fairly steady days. This one certainly met that expectation. In some ways, that’s a shame as I can’t help but think I didn’t see Austin at its best. I know I didn’t see Downtown Austin in its true coloUrs. I should say from the outset, however, that there was nothing about Sunday Austin which reflected badly on the city. I just think there could be more…

Sunday Austin


Let me tell you what I did with my day….

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The Great State of Texas

In an email last week (which I still haven’t replied to – bear with me Roger) I was asked “...you are making quite a big detour to visit Texas. Apart from oil and cows what is there?”. In the planning stage I didn’t see it as a detour, although at that point I didn’t know where I’d be going next – other than I’d eventually end up at Boston. As I type this, I don’t have an answer to Roger’s question. I just know I’d heard enough about Austin to think it would be somewhere worth visiting. And here I am.

Texas Capitol

So far it’s too early to tell if the ‘detour’ was worth it. Anyway, here’s the story of my day…

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