Setting Off

As I’m currently at 40,000 feet over Saskatchewan and about 2½ hours out from San Francisco, I reckon now is a good time to rabbit on a little a journey thus far. One thing I haven’t mentioned in my introduction is that this trip is “cashing-in” many years of Virgin Flying Club points, including a fair chunk amassed by my post-retirement round-the-world jaunt in 2013. Consequently the flight is Upper Class both ways. It is partly the reason for a relatively short stay in the US – I had to fit the availability of Reward Seats around the Red Sox schedule.  The journey down to Heathrow was n First Class too, courtesy of a decent deal on an advance purchase ticket!

Virgin departure


Anyway, the story of the day follows…


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Here I Go Again

‘ey up all,

I’m ecstatically pleased to report that I’m off on my travels again tomorrow and you’re all invited along for the virtual ride.

This time it is San Francisco and northwards. The second part of that is deliberately vague as I’ve got some ideas about where I will end up, but I’m keeping things flexible. The first and last parts are set in stone though; San Francisco…

San FRascisco from the last time

Here is the outline itinerary:

  • Tue 12th May – Fly from LHR, land at SFO 18:55. BART to the hotel in the city centre.
  • Wed 13th May – Red Sox -v- Oakland A’s, first pitch at 12:35. Same hotel.
  • Thu 14th May – Back on the BART to pick up the car from SFO, then head north over the Golden Gate and along the Pacific Coast, aiming for Fort Bragg, CA (North Coast Brewing Co.) – about 180 miles.
  • Fri 15th May – Continuing north, maybe to McKinnleyvile, CA (Six Rivers Brewery) – about 150 miles.
  • Sat 16th May – Even further north into Oregon. Into Portland?
  • Sun 17th May – Into Washington. Red Sox at Mariners 13:10?
  • Mon 18th May – Visit the Museum of Flight then head back south. overnight in southern Oregon. 
  • Tue 19th May – Chico, CA (Sierra Nevada Brewery
  • Wed 20th May –  180 miles back to SFO. Fly at 21:25.
  • Thu 21st May – Land at LHR 16:05.

That’s the plan. You’ll doubtless note a couple of patterns; beer, baseball and quite a lot of miles (especially heading back south, if I do make it as far as Seattle). That may be a bit ambitious, but we’ll see. Throw a few coffee stops and some burgers into the mix, and all being well, the perfect trip.

I hope you’ll join me.