Another Manx idyll

Hello Dear Reader….

We’ve just got back from our evening constitutional. Most of what follows was jotted down during the day and tweaked a little just now, I hope it remains coherent.

Maughold Lighthouse

Another very enjoyable day for all concerned. There’s debate —  argument, even — over the miles walked (Chappers says 20.5, Bernie says 19.84 but he walked further than Chappers). For what it’s worth. my Health App says I’ve walked 6.2 miles… which may or may not be right.

Anyway, this is what happened…

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Mr. Picky, Mr. Pedantic and Mr. Perfect Ride Again

…. or rather two of them walk, one drives.

Welcome to the Isle of Man.

Messrs. Chapman and Glynn are to embark on the 102½ mile* Raid Ny Foillan  – also known as the round the Isle of Man walk. The translation from the Manx, I’m told, is ‘Way of the Gull”. That. apparently, requires five days and we’re here for a full six of them (and two bits of each Saturday either side). The “rest day” is probably going to involve waking up Snaefell. Considerately, I think, I shall probably coincide my ride on the Snaefell Mountain Railway with their somewhat more gruelling assent.

The details of how we got here follow the break, meanwhile here is a very pertinent image courtesy of my ‘day job’….

Isle of Man poster

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