Welsh Wales

Good Evening from the Holyhead Travelodge. I know how to live it up on a Saturday night. It has been quite a long day, to not really get that far from where I was last night. In the normal course of events, a journey from Shrewsbury to Holyhead takes a little over three hours. It took me four times that – which is of course the point of all this.

No dramas today, and no cock-ups, though there was a deliberate diversion from the plan. Lots of fabulous scenery and weather which couldn’t make its mind up.

Oh, and a ride behind a steam train…

Ffestiniog splendour

You can see more of the best (?) photos from the trip so far on Flickr.

I was making notes as I went along (sounds like the old days…) and an edited/enhanced version follows….

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