This is Friday

The Red Sox Won.

The first bit of this diary for Friday is going to wrap up Thursday. Indeed, as I type this, other than a bowl of corn flakes and a few gulps of coffee, not a lot has happened. Given that it it’s not long after 06:30, even that is quite a bit.

Sunset from hotel room windowSunset from hotel room window

Let me tell you more…

Having freshened up and refreshed ourselves in the concierge lounge (thanks to Nick’s very well used Marriott Gold Card!) we set off to explore the neighboUrhood. The workday was just ending and the evidently very active evening/after work scene was really getting going. The first place we saw was the Jerry Remy Sportsbar which was really busy. (You’ll be hearing more about Jerry Remy later if I remember….).

Continuing our wander around the Seaport district, we identified the local 7-Eleven for supplies as/when required, and were surprised to find it sold beer and other alcohol. Traditionally, convenience stores in Boston have never sold alcohol, its sale being strictly limited to ‘liquor stores’. What’s changed we’ve yet to discover. On along Seaport Blvd, snapping away at the views across the harbour and the city skyline. This is clearly going to be The Place To Be in Boston as there’s an extraordinary amount of construction going on; as though the recession never happened or is well and truly over (or the nation is still spending its way out of recession?)

At one point I thought I was the only person for a mile radius wearing a T shirt. It was a lovely warm, almost balmy, evening. All the bars we passed were heaving, and the crowd were largely still the after work crowd. We crossed Fort Point Channel and round the block (doing battle with the famously intransigent Boston drivers at cross-walks) We wandered back over along Congress Street, past the infamous Boston Tea Party exhibit.

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

Boston Sky Line

Further down Congress we came across the Trillium Brewing Company, which was open but looked like it was only an ‘off sales’ joint. Instead we called in at a liquor store next door for a six-pack each to take back to the room… and promptly did so. The timing was perfect as the game was just starting so we settled in to enjoy that on NESN. This year’s new commentator, Dave O’Brien was off for the night and his place taken by another NESN stalwart, Tom Caron. With the previously mentioned Jerry Remy alongside him as the ‘colour commentator’, I thought this was a really good combination. Sorry, Dave, if we can’t Don Orsillo back, you’re fired! [I know this will be completely meaningless to most people – but I had to get it off my chest, so kindly bear with me!].

Anyway, it was a great game, the Red Sox continuing their recent red hot offensive streak, making Houston’s highly rated starter look decidedly average. I gave up at the top of the 9th, rightly assuming that Houston wouldn’t redress an 11-1 deficit and went to sleep — about 24 hours after I got up. I slept like a baby.

Right, that’s yesterday. Back to today. The breakfast buffet is open…. Catch you all later.


PS: I’ve uploaded the best of my snapshots from yesterday to Flickr.



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