[The title of this post is a little ‘in-joke’. I am fairly sure I’ve never seriously called a fellow human-being “baby” in my life!]

Fenway Park

Hello World! It’s me again, Dave, and I’m resurrecting for my holiday blog. This time it is, as the observant among you will have already surmised, Boston. I’m going with Nick, my brother, so this trip will best be sub-titled “Beer ‘n Baseball V” (or VI? VII? – I’ve lost count for sure!).

To be brutally honest, there isn’t a lot more to tell at this point. We fly on Thursday (12th) and there are only two fixed items on our schedule (well, three, if you include our return flight on Tuesday 17th). They are a game at Fenway on Saturday afternoon, when the Red Sox host the Houston Astros — which we’re both looking forward to immeasurably — and a hire car which is booked for Monday and Tuesday to take us north to tax-free New Hampshire.

Otherwise, it’s a blank canvass. We are staying, at least for part of the trip, in the Seaport District (a first for me) and so are within a stone’s-throw of the Harpoon Brewery; making that a Must Do item. Beyond that we are pretty much at the mercy of a ’T’ Pass and the Silver Line. I am quietly confident that we will be re-treading some familiar paths and I expect some of the usual suspects such as the Prudential, Lechmere, Harvard Square and maybe even Red Bones will feature in the narrative (not to mention Quincy  Market and Faneuil Hall – which I am mentioning here as a ready-reference for myself as how to spell it!).

Stay tuned for more exciting news Real Soon Now™


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