The Weekend Has Arrived

Last night I gave you something cute at the top of the blog, tonight it’s something completely different….

Don't Feed Wildlife

Tonight I am in Astoria, Oregon – about 330 miles north of where I was last night. Probably because of the distance I have covered — and the fact that much of America chose to share most of those miles with me — I think today will turn out to be my least favourite day of the trip. Also, with the hugest of respect to Oregon, I’m afraid that their part of US101 isn’t nearly as beautiful or fun to drive as Northern California’s.

Oh, and before I go any further, I’ve eventually managed to get the best of Thursday’s photos on Flickr. [Update on Sunday morning: Saturday’s photos are now also on Flickr! OK, now while we’re at it, so too are Fridays.]

Anyway, back to  Saturday. Read more about it….

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I sense a pattern developing

It is 24 hours since I last wrote, when I was in a Starbucks. It may not come as a complete shock to you to learn that I am again in a branch of that fine establishment, a mere 250 miles to the north. You have no idea how long ago yesterday’s blog entry feels! It has been another packed day, lots to write about, so many memories (captured by over 300 photos – but don’t worry, I won’t make any of you view them all!).

[The best of my photos from today are now available to view on Flickr].

Crescent City squirrel

Here’s a cute squirrel to whet you appetite for the rest of the story…

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The Road Trip Begins

Greetings from sunny Fort Bragg, California, at the end of a very pleasant day on the road. I’ve not been here very long, just enough time to find a room, check-in and – of course – find a Starbucks. Lots of photos taken along the way, the best of which I will share with you – some here, and some on Flickr in due course. If you’ve looked at the second Wednesday page since this morning you’ll have seen that I’ve added a link to some photos from the day:


Golden Gate from the Marin Headlands

Let me tell you about Thursday, so far….

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Still Wonderful Wednesday

[A selection of photos from today, and the rest of the trip, have been/will be posted on Flickr… ]


This is Part Two of Wednesday’s commentary. I recall that I was quite upbeat about the day when I was typing earlier. I am still just as happy with the day, though right from the outset I have to disclose that this narrative is supported by the ongoing consumption of some fine beer.


 As ever, the details continue here…

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