That’s what a good evening looks like – “Serendipity”

(Don’t take the title of this post literally with the photo below.)

Brookings sea view

I hope the following explanation helps…?

The post which precedes this one was uploaded around 18:00, courtesy of the WiFi in the Fred Meyers supermarket that hosts the Starbucks within which I’d been typing. Prior to that I’d been at Mill Beach at Brookings and snapped a few pics – one of which appears above. 

From the beach to Starbucks and, once I’d blogged, back to the hotel. I’d shortlisted the Windward Inn just from looking at its position on the map even before I drove into Brookings. When I arrived in town, it kind of leapt out at me anyway. Once I’d checked-in to the more-than-acceptable room i was very happy I’d made a good choice.

Once the car was safely disposed of for the evening I crossed the road. Given that the road in question is US101, in its four lane guise, and it was Friday evening peak, that wasn’t easy. It may not have been pretty (or, in states with a jaywalking law, even legal) but history records I crossed safely. Part of the reason I’d shortlisted the Windward Inn was that the map shows it as being across the road from The Vista Pub. If that wasn’t enough, while in Starbucks I performed the routine Google search of “Craft Beer In xxxx”. For Brookings, the top hit was and, even better, the address was literally across the road, too. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find it on the map on my iPhone etc, though?

Having crossed the road, I found the Brewery Tap and started off with a Black Thunder Coffee Stout  (7.0%). That was followed with a Chetco Logger (5.2%). As I sipped and listened to the conversation (and the live guitarist/singer), it all became clear: this was opening night! The brewery has been going a while, but they’ve been scraping funding together (including a successful crowd-sourcing appeal within the local community) to set up this Brewery Tap. What good timing!?

The downside to what they are doing is that it is beer only – no food. I needed dinner. Before I made my excuses and left, I got talking to the guy next to me at the bar. Turned out he was a tourist too – from Chicago. (Everyone else was local, I think). He’d stumbled across the place thanks to the signs outside. He is on a cycle tour, heading south, having ridden 90 miles today – which impressed me a lot! We had a chat about the Chicago beer scene. He seemed impressed I knew the Clark Street Ale House, while I was unimpressed he didn’t rate Goose Island very highly! It was he who expressed the idea that it was “serendipity” that we should hit the place on opening night. I marked the occasion by buying a T shirt!

The small matter of dinner. I reverted to what I suppose was Plan A and went round the corner to The Vista Pub. It was bursting at the seams. I managed to find a seat at the bar. Actually I was hovering and one of the local guys gently told me to sit down. “You’re too polite”, he explained. I had a Hub IPX (6.0%) followed by a Arch Rock Gold Beach (5%) to wash down my — yes! — burger. To cap the night I had a Schoonhied Witt (5.5%) which worried me a little in that it was the first beer I’ve ever had topped off with a lemon. Not unpleasant for all that.

The conversation at the bar, with locals from a range of demographics, was really enjoyable. Granted, I was able to contribute on only a very peripheral level. The topics included a comparison between Heckler & Koch, Glock or Smith & Wesson handguns (H&K, surprisingly, being the local handgun of choice). Having typed that, I ought to give some context to how the subject came up: The chap next to me evidently owns a small plot of land “in the hills”. He has the mineral rights and in the last year has mined $400 worth of gold from it. The land also has a population of bears: His work, and their desire to eat, combine to create as convincing a case as this firearm sceptic has ever heard for carrying a sidearm! 

Anyway: It was an interesting and very enjoyable evening.


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