Go East

I type this in my motel room on the outskirts of Charlotte, the penultimate stop on this long journey, with a flight up to Boston tomorrow morning. Today has seen me cover 350 miles, almost all in a generally easterly direction, and most of them sort of as I planned. I did find myself on this appropriately named road – which was rather beautiful, it has to be said…

Old Copper Road, Lake Ocoee

Let me tell you all about it…

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Tennessee Washout

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the Fourth of July, folks. When America celebrates giving us Brits the boot and of course never looking back.

Regular readers, or those who have clicked the ‘The Overall Plan’ link above, will know that I had planned to be in Atlanta tonight. That was before I woke up this morning, not to the pitter-patter of light rain, but the relentless fusillade of very organised rain. So it comes to pass that I bring you these words from the fine city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Wet Chattanooga

This is how…

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Soggy St. Louis

I plan to write this entry in two goes: To tell you about my afternoon in a very wet Downtown St. Louis now, and about my evening — which no-one will be surprised to hear involves a possibility of beer — when I come back in.

So, this is St. Louis…

St Louis from the Gateway Arch

No prizes for guessing where that’s taken from. This is how it all worked out…

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Texas Eagle

A little later than normal (resulting in a stressful day on the Exec Corridor of my former employer, I gather) but actually earlier than I’d planned, here are my observations about the journey on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle service from Austin, TX to St. Louis, MO. The good news is everything worked as it should this time, and what little bits I have to groan and grouse about aren’t (generally) of Amtrak’s making. Not that I’ll let that stop me having a chunter though.

Austin Amtrak Station

Here we go…

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