Kid In a Candy Shop

I’d no sooner updated the list of beers drunk, confident in the thought that there’d be nothing new today, than I’ve been proved wrong by this exceptional (and FREE) selection in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Logan. Apparently the manager here is a craft beer enthusiast, and has exercised his power to stock the fridge with a carefully chosen selection…

VS Clubhouse Beer

First, a few words about the (half) day so far…

A deliberately late and slow morning saw me packed and checked out of the Marriott for about 11:00, with the bags checked with the ‘bell hop’. I set off along the former I-90 linear park toward South Station and the business district, rightly assuming there would be considerably more going on that way than there was yesterday. I made it as far as Rowe Wharf (i.e. not very far) before getting sidetracked with a photo op over the waterfront, and then by a Starbucks which actually had seats in which to sit down.

Knowing that time was the something I had in abundance, I decided to edit the beer list you see linked to at the top of the page, coming to the conclusion that I’d sampled 184 unique beers during the Great Escapade (though as I type, that figure is now 186 and climbing!). For some reason, I could;t connect to Starbucks WiFi, which was probably as well, otherwise I’d have maybe stayed there all day. Instead, in a very poor bit of timing, I set off into heart of the business district – just as it started to rain quite heavily. Luckily it was a fairly brief shower, so I – and several dozen shirt-sleeved office workers who were out and about – were able to shelter for the duration under whatever cover we could find.

Franklin Street

I wandered around for a little while, exploring the maze of streets among the tower blocks – an uncanny mix of modern buildings on plots of land dictated by eighteenth century streets. Though never actually ‘lost’, there was a time when I had no clue in which direction I was heading. It didn’t take long to emerge back into familiar territory and, just because I could, I took one last stroll through Quincy Market. Busy with tourists, but not quite as manic as the weekend.

Back to the hotel to use their lobby WiFi to upload the beer list, and collect my bags. Then the usual thing in these circumstances – plenty of time, so all the elements of the journey to Logan clicked perfectly;  Blue line T, #88 shuttle, Terminal E. I found the Virgin Atlantic check in desks, and there was an agent pottering around one of them. However, they didn’t open until 15:45 (which I suppose is early enough for a 19:25 flight – Virgin only have one flight out of Boston a day). So I had to hang around for 1hr 45 mins. I used the time to start the long overdue task of applying some sort of quality filter to the 11.5K photos (and that excludes many already tagged as ‘gash’ but retained at they have a useful geotag). I managed to get through 2,000 before the check-in desks opened, actually a bit early at 15:30.

While I was waiting, a family congregated nearby. The oldest female, evidently ‘grandma’, was on her cellphone, absolutely distraught as she’d just realised she’d left her passport at home, and by the sound of things, ‘home’ was an internal flight away. I’m not sure what the family’s intended destination had been, but they came from the direction of the Alitalia desks, and they weren’t going anywhere without grandma. Lots of tears all round and no small drama. I really felt for them (and felt for my own passport to make sure I still had it with me). I’ve been mentally compiling my own list of “not-exactly-disasters” for the Great Escapade, but – apart from the need for a new bag – none of them cost more than £15, so that isn’t bad.

Through security and up to the Clubhouse. I was first in, and apart from revelling in the beer selection, had a very enjoyable turkey sandwich when I arrived. Beer so far has been Ipswich Oatmeal Stout and a Sam Adams ‘limited release’ called Porch Rocker – very lemony. My excuse being that this has been a very brief sojourn in Boston, but it seems odd that this is my first Sam Adams beer of the trip. The staff in the Clubhouse are charming and having already noticed my interest in the beers, keep encouraging me to try more!

VS Clubhouse

There’s another 90 minutes or so until boarding, and my glass appears to be drained…

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