Dreamtime at the G

The rather odd title of this post comes from this…

Dreamtime at the G

In plain English: The Australian Rules Football teams of Richmond Tigers (home side) playing Essendon Bombers (also from Melbourne, but officially the visitors) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – known as the MCG, or simply The G. That was this evening, but there’s a tall building to climb first, an Apple store to visit and a morning to get through…


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Late Night Friday

This report on our Friday doings may not be the longest write-up of the trip. It’s nudging midnight as I type this and I’m not sure how much prose I’m capable of this evening. I’ll recount the highlights, however. In fact, there were at least two highlights and maybe a couple of low-lights in the day. This is one of the highlights…

Mountain Goat


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Free Beer!

This is, as those of you who have being paying attention will know, Good Beer Week here in Melbourne. One of many positive things about Good Beer Week is that, if you time things well, there’s free beer to be drunk. Thanks to Carl’s precision planning, we timed it well more than once today! Also on the subject of free things (well, inclusive things) we are once more in the debt of Deb.

This is Melbourne

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment here on the blog (which I’d encourage anyone to do – it’s great to get feedback) or have emailed/texted/facetimed/skyped etc. etc. Sorry if I’ve not specifically replied. Yet. Please keep your messages coming.

Right, now let’s examine the day’s evidence….

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