The Bag

It’s Monday morning. Pop Master has just finished. My (new!) bag is placed prominently, and moderately stuffed, on the living room floor. It must be time to go….?

Whilst I don’t actually fly until Wednesday morning, the Great Escape stutters into being when I close my front door for the last time in about 10 weeks, around lunchtime today. Whilst I’m sure you don’t need to know my domestic minutiae; it involves a hair cut, picking Kay up from work, taking Kay back to work tomorrow, waving good-bye before returning and dumping my car on her drive for the duration (I don’t possess one of my own!). Then it’s a taxi (feeling flush!) to the station for my train southwards. I’ll be taking advantage of East Midlands Trains’ first class hospitality. That was an advance purchase, so it’s dirt cheap in the mid-afternoon, but I like to start as I mean to go on!

I have added a page with the overall plan for the trip here….

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