Wouldn’t Ya Know It

Homeward bound.

Last night I listed the various things which I was concerned could go wrong and delay us getting to the departure gate. Consequently we allowed plants of time including a stupidly early alarm of 04:15. It almost goes without saying that everything went swimmingly.

Traffic on I678 was fairly heavy the nearer we got to the airport – evidently JFK has its own rush hour. I guess a fair number of staff work here. Even so, we found the Hertz return without a problem and sailed straight in. Drop off went smoothly and, rather than a van, connection to the terminals is via the free AirTrain.

A slight queue was beginning to form at Bag Drop, but again we were done in minutes. Same with security, maybe ten minutes in total. All-in-all, we were at the gate with around two hours to spare. Oh well.

Neither of us were particularly hungry. I’d finished off some chewy cookies rather than pack them (that’s my excuse). May not be a nutritional breakfast, but hey… The gate area filled up slowly but surely – the aircraft (Airbus A340-300 G-VSUN – Rainbow Lady) already on stand, presumably having flown in last night. About 07:00 the crew boarded but it wasn’t until 08:05 that passenger boarding began. Even so, we pushed back only two minutes late at 08:42 and were wheels up at 09:06 with 203 pax and 14 crew.


The pilot, whose name I didn’t catch when he did the PA announcement (but the First Officer was Craig Jones), certAinly managed to find some bumpy bits of sky, on a couple of occasions. To the extent that we owners rattling about a bit later in the flight but it evidently wasn’t worthy of bothering with the seatbelt signs. On a slightly serious note, the first bit clearly put the food service schedule back a bit. Breakfast (first time I’ve had a “Full English” on a flight!) was served as we left the US and a “lunch” (beef stew) in mid-Atlantic. The flight is far from full (I see seven empty seats in PE) so the service wasn’t hectic.

Entertainment-wise, I watched Argo to see what all the fuss is about. Entertaining, yes, but I suspect it garnered such critical approval as “Hollywood” has a starring role. After lunch I watched an episode of”Veeps”, a series I hadn’t previously come across and two episodes of Two and a Half Men. Kay watched a couple of films I’ve never heard of!

We’re descending now and the cabin is being secured. It’s getting dark outside, a factor of UK still being on “winter” time! We’re told it’s 13deg. C outside, but I’ll believe that when I feel it!

….and we’ve landed

More later.

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