Bloody Weather

It had started snowing last night as we holed ourselves up in the room. When I looked out later it was white-over on the roof tops and the sidewalks of Times Square also looked pretty white/slushy. Still the crowds thronged. By this morning the snow had turned to rain, and as it turned out hard icy rain.

Satellite view of NE USA

It was some time before we ventured out as we decided to indulge in the hotels breakfast buffet. Conscious of sounding cheap or otherwise obsessed by the cost of things, I’d just make the observation that we spent as much on breakfast as we’d have spent on overnight accommodation in some place (several times more in the case of Chesterfield Ibis!). Goes without saying that we didn’t walk away hungry – which is the point of the buffet style service, isn’t it?

We eventually stuck a toe out and set off, walking south along Avenue of the Americas to where it intersects Broadway and 34th Street, dropping $7 with a street trader for the privilege of an umbrella – here is as good an example of of the laws of supply and demand as you’ll ever find!

Macy’s is as good a place as any to spent a wet New York morning, not least as it has a Starbucks on (nearly) every floor. The ultimate bloke sitting venue. As I type, Kay’s coat, bags and soggy umbrella sit bayside me, along with her half drunk iced something. As I scan the horizon of multi coloured swathes of cloth, all carefully crafted into differing patterns of garment, I see no sign of my beloved. Oh well, that’s what iPads are for!

The Curious Case of the Missing Girlfriend!

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